1. Node. Depending on the Wordless version you’ll need a specific Node version. Using NVM is recommended and the theme will be preconfigured with a .nvmrc file.

  2. WP-CLI brew install wp-cli

  3. Yarn [1] globally installed: npm install -g yarn

  4. Test-related requirements (skip if you won’t use the test suite)

    1. Composer [2] brew install composer
    2. Selenium brew install selenium-server-standalone
    3. Chrome Driver brew install chromedriver
  5. If you’d like to enable the mail-catcher while developing, install MailHog [3]. On MacOS this is as simple as brew install mailhog. Wordless will do the rest.

See also

MailHog for documentation about how to use MailHog in Wordless

See also

Nodejs for documentation about how to use nodejs in Wordless