Wordless’s documentation



Wordless is an opinionated WordPress plugin + starter theme that dramatically speeds up and enhances your custom theme creation. Some of its features are:

  • A structured, organized and clean theme organization
  • Scaffold a new theme directly within wp-cli
  • Write PHP templates with PUG templating language
  • Write CSS stylesheets using the awesome SCSS syntax
  • Write Javascript logic in ES2015
  • A growing set of handy and documented PHP helper functions ready to be used within your views
  • Preconfigured support to MailHog mail-catcher.
  • Development workflow backed by WebPack, BrowserSync (with live reload), WP-CLI, Yarn. All the standards you already know, all the customizations you may need.

Wordless is a micro-framework for custom themes development. Thus is a product intended for developers.

A compiled Wordless theme will run on any standard Wordpress installation.

Wordless does not alter any core functionality, thus it is compatible with reasonably any generic plugin.


A list of known bugs, wip and improvements this documentation needs, hoping it will be kept empty ;)